siki & buddies®

siki & buddies® is a licensing brand created by kikiwong, director of White Complex International Co., Ltd.. It has been developed into story books, licensing products and crossover art projects across the world.

Everything will be fine | Water pencil | 2017



Siki’s name was the short form of “silly kiki”. Siki was a little character inside Kiki’s diary. She wrote down her disappointment and doubts from life and passed them all to Siki. She hoped Siki could carry them and find a way out for her.

Luckily, this fat jelly didn’t mind the load at all and it tried very hard to look for the hints in life for Kiki. It documented all the possibilities and hopes, taught Kiki to live for the present moment and being honest to herself.

After Kiki finished her third diary, she decided to publish her unfinished story, her lessons in life, as her first publication

on 1st January 2008. Siki became Kiki’s best friend. Whether she’s happy or not, Siki will circle around her, to grow up together, to share together.


Siki, a round jelly came from the deep sea. It travels between the sea and land. Experience the love of universe from all aspects though those journeys always started with an inappropriate outlook..



How we started our works in the first four years…


• First publication ― Siki’s notebook

(in chinese)

• Licensed iPhone 3 silicon case series to ― Mobile Link Technology Ltd.

• MV crossover with singer Fiona Fung

• Second publication ― As Happiness goes Mouldy by World Publishing Company Ltd.


• Third publication ― The Off-key Happy Symphony by World Publishing Company Ltd.

• Second MV crossover with singer Fiona Fung

• Crossover mobile theme with Nokia (HK)


• Licensed microfiber products to Silique Int’l Group Wintex Co. Ltd.

• Won Certificate of Excellence of The Best Publishing Illustration and 2nd Running Up of The Best Multimedia Illustration from Greater China Illustration Awards.

• Licensed stationery accessories to Taiwan agency ― Tomorrow Studio Corp.


• Crossover with iButterfly HK for 2 butterfly series

• Recorded Ovi-store mobile theme download hit rate over 4.6M. Announced as “A legend” by Beijing China

• Listed in “Hong Kong Creative Force” by Hong Kong Trading Council.

• Licensed to Fridge-To-Go ― Kado Industrial Co. Ltd.

• Crossover with

• Invited design for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals


Participated in Taiwan International Figure Show 2012

• Picture book– Where will Love go? won First runner-up in picture book (HK) section award from Korea Eye-Level Children Literature Award 2012
Then Siki keeps traveling around with news friends and sharing its beautiful stories till its bed time.

Client list

NOKIA/ Orbis / SONY MUSIC / SINO group / Sunlight REIT/
P&G / FORTRESS / YAHOO!HK / China Mobile / iButterfly/
VTC / IVE / Tung Wah Group of Hospitals /
Tomorrow workshop(TW)

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