Happy Siki©


About Happy Siki 幸福海人©

The Chinese name of Siki is 海人, which is composed of the characters: 海 (sea) and 人 (man, people). When the two characters are placed in the reverse order, they become another word “ 人海” (a sea of faces). Since Siki is the reverse of the mass, it bears the wishes of all the people. Happy Siki will send Happiness back to the huge crowd of people.

About Author

kikiwong, born in Hong Kong. A reiki therapist, graphic designer and illustrator.

She is keen on spiritual pursuits and has been studying various spiritual practices in places like Egypt and the US. It is her wish to share her talent in painting to the society and popularize body-mind-spirit healing treatments.

Created character license – siki & buddies in 2008. Her works received overseas illustration awards and children literature award. Listed in Hong Kong Creative Force by Hong Kong Trading Council 2011. Her Nokia mobile theme generated over 5 millions download hit rate. She was called “ A Legend” by the Beijing Online News Channel. Siki participated in theater Goodbye BUT goodbye from Kearen Pang Production three times between 2007 and 2014. Columnist for Yahoo! Hong Kong between 2012-14.

After some years of pause in order to reform her creative direction and content, the author resume her works in 2018 and created guidance card-deck – 100 Wishes of Happiness. Happy Siki© is a rebirth of siki & buddies®.


2008 -《海人筆記》Siki’s Notebook

2009 -《當幸福發霉時》When Happiness Gets Mouldy

2010 -《走音的幸福進行曲》The off-key March of Happiness

For recent updates, please visit:

Facebook: Happy Siki 幸福海人

Everything will be fine | Water pencil | 2017
Listen to your heart | Acrylic | 2015
Listen to your heart | Acrylic | 2015

Client list

P&G / NOKIA/ Orbis / SONY MUSIC / SINO group / Sunlight REIT/
FORTRESS / YAHOO!HK / China Mobile / iButterfly/
VTC / IVE / Tung Wah Group of Hospitals /
Tomorrow workshop(TW)

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